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"product quality is our primary business objective.  our vision is to make the perfect product, a product that will never fluctuate and never be limited by shelf life."

-jack marrin

behind the scenes...

behind the scenes at scott-marrin, we have developed internal systems that allow us to deliver the highest quality products at a competitive price.  we have established effective policies and procedures, process innovations, and quality control systems allowing us to deliver the most accurate products available in the market today.  our reputation for quality is recognized around the world.  innovation, experience and loyal employees will allow us to continue to provide this high level of product quality, service and support.

each step of the manufacturing process must be constantly measured and validated.  every product goes through at least seven defined stages during the manufacturing process.  several stages of the manufacturing process contain proprietary techniques perfected during our 30 years of manufacturing experience.  these techniques are the direct result of extensive research of individual gas properties, their combination with other gases and their reaction with aluminum cylinders.  this research has given us proven techniques that maximize the stability of our mixtures.  experience, research and technique combine to give us a level of product quality recognized throughout the industry.

in the future, we see instrumentation continuing to develop higher levels of sensitivity.  this sensitivity will allow the detection of lower concentrations with higher levels of analytical certainty.  as a provider and partner, we will continue to use our experience to find new ways to improve the accuracy of our product line.  


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