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-accurate, quality products allow you to feel confident in your results, whether your analysis is for research, regulatory compliance or educational purposes. 


scott-marrin offers a variety of products required for use in air pollution and source emission testing applications.  these products are used to calibrate analyzers and gas chromatographs and allow users to analyze and quantify specific concentrations of known gases in a controlled environment. 

  • mixtures-  for more than 30 years, scott-marrin has been known throughout the world for accurate calibration standards.  we have established internal systems and proprietary techniques that allow us to deliver the highest quality products at competitive prices.  take a look at our mixtures section to see more.

  • pure gasscott-marrin offers several pure gases for your unique application.  typical applications include chromatograph carrier gases, continuous analyzer zero gases, and sample purging.  also, learn why your high quality pure gas selection is so important.

  • instrument support gas-  quality instrument support gases minimize background interference and maximize the life of your analytical equipment.  scott-marrin instrument gases are blended with ultra high purity gases.  you will achieve higher sensitivity and lower detectable limits resulting in better readings.

  • cylinders-  high pressure cylinders are the packages that carry our products.  we offer a broad range of cylinders from which to choose.  select the cylinders link to find a size that is right for your application, environment or work space.

  • equipment-  we understand your focus is on results.  scott-marrin offers gas handling equipment from a single source allowing you to save time and money through vendor consolidation.  click on equipment to take a look.

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