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one stage or two?
-single stage or one-stage regulators are designed for situations where small changes in delivery pressure are acceptable as the cylinder pressure decreases.

-dual stage or two-stage regulators are recommended when small fluctuations in delivery pressure are not acceptable.  two stages of pressure reduction ensures you maintain a constant flow as the cylinder pressure decreases.


regulators are used to reduce high-pressure gas from a cylinder or process line to a lower pressure suitable for use.  specialty gas regulators are specially designed to provide diffusion resistance and easy cleanup.  special diaphragms and high-purity seats and seals minimize or eliminate out gassing and inboard diffusion.

brass bodies are recommended for non-corrosive gases such as carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, oxygen, nitrogen and hydrocarbons.  316l stainless steel bodies are recommended for mildly corrosive gases such as sulfur dioxide, nitric oxide and hydrogen sulfide.

click on the links below to take a look at our regulator options and pricing information.  if you are still not sure which regulator is right for your application, gives us a call.

one stage regulators

two stage regulators

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