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"when it comes to quality environmental gases, we depend on scott-marrin, hands down!"

-don tyssee, ph.d.
president and ceo
mesa specialty gases


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  scott-marrin, inc. provides high accuracy calibration and pure gases in high pressure aluminum cylinders for use with air pollution and source emission testing applications.
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scott-marrin, inc. was co-founded by william e. scott and john t. marrin in may 1974. the company was incorporated in california with mr. scott as the first president. the first manufactured products of the company were calibration gas mixtures and highly purified gases including ultrapure air.  the main innovation of the new startup company was to package the gases in the newly developed high pressure aluminum gas cylinder which had only become commercially available in 1973. this pioneering use of aluminum gas cylinders enabled the company to produce higher purity gases and stable gas mixtures at much lower concentrations than was previously possible. mr. scott retired from active participation in the company in 1983, at which time jack marrin became company president where he continues to serve today. the company operates in its 20,000 square foot manufacturing facility located in riverside, california and distributes its products worldwide.

since its founding, the company has pioneered many innovations in the blending and analysis of gas mixtures. these include gas mixtures manufactured to the exacting specifications of the us environmental protection agency. the company has consistently been top-rated in the epa protocol gas mixture audits conducted by epa on all us protocol gas manufacturers. scott-marrin was also the first to manufacture low-level no2 and h2s gas mixtures for the national institute of standards and technology (nist) for use in their standard reference material (srm) program. the company has also pioneered the production of part-per-billion (ppb) level nitric oxide (no) and sulfur dioxide (so2) gas mixtures that require extensive cylinder and gas preparation to achieve long term stability. the company was also one of the first to produce multi-component reactive gas mixtures for the california air resources board (carb) which have become a standard mixture for the calibration of ambient air monitoring networks in all parts of the us and pacific rim countries. the company is also the audit laboratory for all the manufacturers of bureau of automotive repair (cabar) gas mixtures in the state of california.  

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